Safar on Wheels Around Desh of Entrepreneurs & Startups

It’s a journey around India in a Caravan to meet Bharat Innovators, Entrepreneurs & Startups of Bharat. The trip will be across India in the Tier 2, 3 locations to showcase innovation ecosystem & highlight Entrepreneurs. Along with providing them access to investors, mentors, knowledge & market access their respective Startup journey will be highlighted. Caravan Will have Serial Entrepreneur / Angel Investor / Startup Policy Maker / Subject Matter Expert / Incubator CEOs.

SWADES kicks off from Goa on 25th October 2023, for 5 months days ending around March 2023. Click on respective states below to see when the CARAVAN will be in which city.

Highlights of SWADES


Days Travel


Kms across India




Startups reached out


Startup Ecosystem Enablers Invited


Startup Community to Attend


Crore People On Ground reach


Crore People online reach via Social Media

Highlights of Carnival


Attending Startups & Ecosystem Enablers


Subject Matter Experts




Startups Showcasing including International Startups


Unicorns, Soonicorns & More Startups


Events at CHILL UP Nights


Entrepreneurs & their Spouses


Hours to Network

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About Us

Manoj Singh
(CEO, TICE, BIG PICTURE & MEDIA, Startup Infinity)
Rajesh Joshi
(Chief Mentor, TICE | Chief Architect, Startup Infinity)
Prabhakar Singh
(Monetization & Sales Partner, Startup Infinity)


"Startup Infinity" To Celebrate Indian Entrepreneurs, Startups as India becomes 3rd Largest Startup Ecosystem. “Startup Infinity” is to be held during India's G20 presidency & when India introduced new engagement group Startup20 at G20. In the 76th year of India’s Independence, commemorating the “New India” where Innovation & Disruption is by India’s Talent & Ideas for India nurtured by Capital & embodying Entrepreneurship.

“Startup Infinity” is conceptualized to Salute the Self Motivation/Inspiration (AnthaPrerna) of Indian Entrepreneurs & Startups from all parts of India.

“Startup Infinity” vision is to connect All Indian Startup ecosystem enablers/players in a cohesive way with 100+ days of activities & engagement culminating into a Big Startup carnival at Goa in November 2023 including participation of Startup Ecosystem Builders and Startups from G20 countries

“Startup Infinity” To celebrate Indian Entrepreneurs in Tier 2, 3 cities & bring them to the forefront. To give them opportunities to connect with the Tier 1 cities ecosystem & even globally bridging their gaps.

” Startup Infinity” To bring all the Indian Startup Ecosystem enablers and stakeholders ingenuously together in a Startup Carnival (Unconference format) and create partnerships & collaboration opportunities.

“Startup Infinity” To showcase the Vibrant India Startup Ecosystem and bring entire Indian ecosystem physically together for a Unconference format type Startup festival @ Startup Carnival in Goa.

“Startup Infinity” India has introduced new engagement group of Startup20 @ G20 during the presidency. Hence an opportune time for “Startup Infinity” during India’s G20 presidency and also the concept of “Carnival” is so apt and befitting as the next G20 presidency is going to be “Brazil”

“Startup Infinity” to showcase Government of India & different State Government programs, scheme supporting Startups. Government of India through various ministry, departments have supported & promoted Startups in India since last 9 years. Under the able leadership of Honorable PM, the Government of India is the biggest catalyst and change agent for bringing in the Startup Movement in India and apt time to recognize it.

"Startup Infinity" is an umbrella brand behind 2 initiatives of "Startup Caravan, SWADES" and "Startup Carnival, A Startup Ecosystem Festival in Goa". Its an initiative by TICE.news and supported, promoted by 7+ Startup Incubators & Ecosystem Builders and 16+ Brands, Sponsors from around India. The Chief Architect & Evangelist of Startup Infinity is Mr Rajesh Joshi. "Startup Infinity" an open source platform for all Startup Ecosystem Enablers, Startup Supporting Organisations, Startup Ecosystem Builders, Startups, Mentors, Investors to come on board and celebrate this new India of Talent, Idea, Capital, Entrepreneurship. Come Join us and our team.